Money and Marriage

You’ve said “I do “. Married the one of your dreams. Now let’s talk about OUR money.

Approximately 65% of married couples combine their incomes. About 35% do not.

Sometimes our mate has a money personality different from our own. This can cause unpleasantness surrounding a very important aspect of our marriage: Our Money!! So what do we do to get on the same page?

Free spirited individuals are authentic to themselves and the world around them. Oftentimes, the need to reel them in is mandatory. These individuals can spend, spend, spend and/or give, give, give.

Savers, on the other hand, still need to be reminded that life is a gift meant to be enjoyed. It’s OK to enjoy life.

Sometimes it’s about the experience of the day, not the premium price tag for the day! Example: I am fully aware of the premium cost of goodies when going out to the movies. However, we all enjoy having a good time so I won’t let it bug me.

To all married couples, I advise balance. The two of you may have had very different upbringings surrounding your money. This is why communication is critical surrounding money. If you feel that you can no longer have an adult conversation that leads to victory regarding your money, we’re here to help you solve that problem once and for all.

Marriage is a compromise if you’re intending on having a successful one. Priorities need to be selected and set followed by the money. Began to direct your money on what it will do. Money is a tool we use to execute our plans. If you’re receiving less than stellar results, give us a call. We assure you that we will help you reach the results you’re fully capable of achieving.

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Brandon and Gina Wilkins are financial coaches and co-founders of Financial Freedom Builders LLC. Mr. Wilkins is also the author of the financial classic, Getting Rich is Simple...But It Ain't Easy! They are available for coaching, workshops and seminars designed to help you take control of your finances.


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