Never Worry About Money Again? C'mon Be For Real!

While deciding to read this blog, did you have an internal struggle going on about whether I can truly show you how to never worry about money again? Did you feel like, "If he has no money worries, how come I haven't heard of him before?" Or even worse, "If he’s so rich and financially free, why is he still trying to sell stuff"?


If you didn't have these questions, great. But I run into a lot of people who do. And this is how I handle it.

First of all, let me clear up never worrying about money again. It doesn't mean not having any money problems at all. Lord knows we get our share. But by applying the formula we describe, we can say with absolute certainly that when they do happen, we can quickly and confidently create a plan to solve the problem and keep right on moving forward on our journey towards financial freedom.

Also, no money worries doesn't mean that I can buy everything I want at the drop of a dime. I mean, that convertible BMW 645i would be real nice right about now. But seeing as we don't do car notes, I'm not ready to just plunk down $40-60K for it at this point. Is it on the radar? Yes. Is it part of the plan? Not right now. So no need for me to worry about it.

No money worries also doesn't mean never having to work at all. It means creating a lifestyle that allows you to define how you work. In fact, it comes as a shock to most people when they find out I still work a full time job in addition to operating the businesses we have. I like to joke that Gina is "semi-retired". She managed our group home business when we had it, but it was pretty much self-sustaining so she had the freedom to put in 1-2 hours a day and then be done with it. And that was part of the plan when we were building it.


Now, do I HAVE to work a full time gig? No. If I didn't, we'd still be fine. But, the plan shifted a little bit a few years ago when one of the businesses didn't do as expected. You may (or may not) know about the car wash business we had. In a nutshell, the car wash was supposed to be the business that gave me the same type of lifestyle that Gina has. But because it didn't perform to the level we needed it to, we got rid of it. And that's why I decided to do a full time thing again. Once again, do I HAVE to? No, but it keeps us on pace with the current financial plan.


Secondly, I want to answer the question, "If they have no money worries, how come I haven't heard of them before?" Ever read The Millionaire Next Door? In it, authors Thomas Stanley and William Danko talk about how most financially successful people are very low key and under the radar. This is also how we choose to live our lives. In fact, I'm sure you already know that the more visible you are, the more people want to try to take you down. It's a sad state of the world today, but it is what it is.


And finally, "If he’s so rich and financially free, why is he still trying to sell stuff"? That's the beauty of American Capitalism. If one has something that people want or need and are willing to pay for, then by all means one should sell said item/service and reap the financial rewards of doing so. In essence, it's OK to make money, and it's even better to make MORE money!


Sorry to be so long winded and wordy on this message. But I just wanted to clear up any misconceptions in case you had an...

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    Kevin (Friday, 28 December 2012 17:13)

    Nicely put. I think many people will be skeptical of never worrying about money. But your explanation puts it all in the proper perspective...