What We Offer – Financial Freedom Builders LLC offers financial education in the form of workshops/seminars and personal coaching sessions.


Workshops/seminars can be offered as a half or full day seminar or delivered as a weekly course curriculum.


Coaching sessions can be conducted individually or in small group settings.


The Benefits – Whether a recipient of a coaching session or an attendee at a workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Improve their spending habits
  • Increase their net worth
  • Get out of debt
  • Make more money
  • Keep more of what they make
  • Build strong credit worthiness

“Working with Financial Freedom Builders has been a life changing experience...They took a look at my situation and immediately devised a strategic financial plan that has helped me to pay off existing debts and gave me the roadmap to get to my goal of total debt freedom.


Their diligence, knowledge and expertise in the area of financial intelligence is excellent...I not only trust them with my finances, but would highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking to secure their financial future."

Tiffany F.


"There's an overwhelming amount of information that you'd given to us , all of which that has been valuable.


I remember the time when you were telling my mom and I about how a company made you mad and you just went ahead and paid them off in full, instead of letting them collect the interest off of you.....From that moment on I've had the mindset to pay off my debt and not let companies make money off of me. The interest that I would be paying them could very much be used for something else. I've learned from you that even if I only have a few extra dollars I add it to the principal. This has put me in a position to have more liquid cash and be debt free."

Sherron M. 


Debt Free, Debt Free, Debt Free....


I was over $40K credit card debt and was struggling with a first home owner purchase when God put you into my life over 7 years ago. I am now credit card debt free and am now a proud & blessed owner of seven properties, one [of which] is a commercial building and the last four of the properties [were] cash deals…..


You have laid the foundation and guided me from the start of my businesses to current. Seven years ago I was working for a corporation, 41 yrs old, living from check to check, $30K a year and was depress[ed] because I KNEW I wasn't living my purpose or even passion……. You guided me with my business after I purchased my first business property and within two months, my corporate job quickly ended and I was making over $10K a month filling my purposing and living my passion, God is so good.


You have given me hope (I'm starting to cry thinking about this). Not only did you guide me [in] getting out of debt and showed me how to increase my finances, but you have help[ed] me lay a foundation to start building an empire for my family… 

Chiffon M. 


Free At Last


Life brings ups and downs when it comes to finances.  I have a great job, I'm a great person, however bad decisions and unfortunate events led me to bankruptcy.  Then I realized that I really needed help staying afloat with bankruptcy payments coming out my check.


In the process, I faced losing my home. I needed help and fast.  I was knee deep in payday loans and payday for me was a dark day because I had almost nothing left to live on.  Then I was referred to Mrs. Gina Wilkins-my angel, who first off didn't pass judgment but started getting to the root of the problem in a kind, Christian way. 


She made me feel comfortable and helped me set realistic goals that I could, and did achieve. We met or talked weekly and she kept me on my toes!!!  She helped me get my life back.  I'm a better steward over what God has blessed me with.  I'm not broke like I used to be.  This experience has changed my life.  She is now my friend and I appreciate her calling.  She has a gift to help others.  I highly recommend Financial Freedom Builders.  

LaTanya H. 

Company Background – Financial Freedom Builders LLC was founded by Brandon & Gina Wilkins. Mr. & Mrs. Wilkins are strong proponents of practical financial discipline. Brandon holds an M.B.A degree from Wayne State University and Gina a B.A. from The University of Michigan-Dearborn.


Starting a hefty real estate portfolio followed by two corporations beginning in 2000, they later sensed the call on their life to assist others.


While teaching others on how to start new businesses, they witnessed an alarming number of their employees, clients, and customers make poor money management decisions due to a basic lack of financial education.

In their spare time, they began to encourage and coach others in financial literacy so that one could not only set or define their financial goals, but also successfully obtain them. The Wilkins' have a passion to help others dreams of being financially free become a reality and continued way of living.