Are You Scared of Being Wealthy?

I find that for a lot of people, pursuing wealth is a frightening endeavor, not because they are afraid of failing, but because they are scared of actually succeeding in becoming wealthy.


Many feel that they don't deserve to be wealthy.  They perceive financial freedom as being so far out of reach, that they find all kinds of excuses to not pursue it.

On the flip side though, a lot of people feel they can "get rich quick".  By playing the lottery, gambling at casinos or partaking in other get rich quick schemes, they think there's some easy way to get a lot of money.


The different perception of getting rich vs. building wealth is the only reason I titled my book "Getting Rich is Simple...But It Ain't Easy!" instead of "Financial Freedom is Simple".  I knew the current title is likely to get more readers because people are looking for the magic pill to take, or magic wand to wave and then just watch riches fall into their lap.

After reading the book though, you will understand that it's designed to help you achieve financial freedom, and to get over the fear it's not possible.


In this day and time, we are blessed that a vast amount of wealth building information which the masses previously weren't privy to, can now be accessed at the click of a button. In the past, the ranks of the wealthy were closed off, but now just about anybody can pursue and achieve financial freedom by putting these wealth building principles into practice.

But what is most important is the belief that it is possible. Even with our simple 3-step formula, if you don't believe financial freedom is attainable for you, you'll sabotage your process.


So I urge you to change your way of thinking from, "I want to get rich" to something such as:

  • "I intend to be financially free"
  • "I will achieve financial freedom"
  • "I am going to pass a legacy of wealth down through generations of my family so that poverty is no longer the norm"

Through our teaching and principles, we're striving for you to not only have wealth laid up for yourself, but also that generations coming after you don't have to struggle. But it all begins with you not being scared of becoming wealthy!

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